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Eliot Group Institute programs are designed for working professionals, as well as individuals interested in personal growth. We offer programs to meet the individual needs of students in education, healthcare, business, and mental health. Grounded in evidenced-based Modern Psychodynamic theory and concepts these programs provide the opportunity for participants and students to develop requisite skills, techniques and experiences that are useful across all aspects of life including professional, social, work and family.  Additionally, these skills, techniques, and experiences are essential to effectively communicate in today’s political and social environments.

Research has shown that the inability to cooperate with others, to successfully interact with colleagues, supervisors, clients, family, and society to be a much greater source of failure than the lack of ability or skill to do a job. The Group Studies and Individual programs available at the Eliot Group Institute (EGI) in Eliot, Maine are designed to produce optimal personal and professional growth and development. We welcome you!

Providing Opportunities for Professional and Personal Growth
through Instructive and Experiential Education

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