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You are welcome to join the Eliot Supervision Group at any time. Our rolling enrollment policy allows you to attend at a time that meets your needs. So contact us for details at
802-356-3388 or roncepp@gmail.com

Learn how to:
Deal with difficult patients
Resolve resistances
Ask object-oriented questions         
and much more!

Any questions, please call Eliot Group Institute at: (802) 356 - 3388

Providing Opportunities for Professional and Personal Growth
through Instructive and Experiential Education

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**Ormont, Louis, 1992, The Group Therapy Experience, Library of Congress Publication 91-37184 (p.15/16; 3/4).

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• Contact Dr. Ronald P. Ceppetelli 802-356-3388
• Email: roncepp@gmail.com
• Mail: P.O. Box 353 • 14 Eventide
Cove Lane • Eliot, Maine •  03903

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