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Fostering Effective Leadership Skills and Techniques

Neuroscience tells us that we can learn the most and at our best when our emotions are engaged and our emotional circuits in our brain are engaged.

This workshop focuses on an awareness of our own inner world can be used as a powerful tool to enhance leadership skills and effectiveness in any profession including business, education mental health, therapy, medical and public service.

Attendees are encouraged to present leadership challenges.


● Why leadership training fails and what to do about it

● How to tap in and regulate your emotional and mental state

● How to be emotionally available without diminishing your authority

● How to use group dynamics in the room as a practice arena

● Why following the “contact function” creates and atmosphere of trust and attachment for staff

● Why effectual leadership training must be "unstructured, safe and ongoing”

Ronald P. Ceppetelli
Psya D, LCSW
Dr. Ronald Ceppetelli is, a Psychoanalyst and Licensed
Clinical Social Worker and the Executive Director of the Eliot Group Institute. His interests include applying psychoanalytic concepts, theories and techniques in mental health, healthcare, education and business to improve outcomes and reduce stress in practitioners. He completed groundbreaking research on how
emotions effect the interactions between nursing home aides and residents. Dr. Ceppetelli has presented at numerous workshops and national and regional
conferences, agencies, facilities and groups.
Katherine Morrell
Lic. & N.C .Psy.A., ABPP, CGP
Katherine Morrell is a faculty member, supervisor and
training analyst at the Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis, Boston MA, the New England Academy for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies/Group Study
Associates, Portland ME, and the New England Society for Modern Group Studies, Bar Harbor ME, and the Group Center, New York City, where she has conducted
numerous workshops and experience groups.
Saturday November 18,2017

Time: 9:30 AM to 1 PM

Coffee:  9:30 AM to 10:00 AM

Presentation and Discussion: 10 AM – 1 PM


Telephone: 802-356-3388

Location: 14 Eventide Cove Lane, Eliot Maine 03903

Fee: $50.00      Students: $25.00

Limited Enrollment

Fostering Effective Leadership Skills And Techniques

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Fostering Effective Leadership Skills And Techniques
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Fostering Effective Leadership Skills and Techniques

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