extension programs

Extension Programs

Eliot Group Institute Extension Programs include events, workshops, and courses which may be attended without being enrolled in a full program of study. They include but are not limited to the following courses.

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Continuing Education

The Department of Continuing Education of Eliot Group Institute offers continuing education opportunities in order to provide the community-at-large access to EGI's expertise and resources.

It provides access to courses, seminars, workshops and conferences that appeal to a whole range of learning needs.

EGI's department of continuing education seeks to contribute to the professional development of mental health workers, educators, nurses, and individuals who want to learn about modern psychoanalytic approaches and how they can be used in effective treatment, education, business and personal growth.

C.E.U. credits are available for all continuing education programs. 

Weekend Program

The Weekend Training Programs are in person and consist of ten weekend meetings. Each meeting consists of psycho-dynamic experiential and didactic learning, discussion, lectures, and process groups.

Distance Learning

Distance learning programs allow individuals who are unable to attend regular classroom sessions to avail themselves of the resources and educational opportunities provided by Eliot Group Institute. It’s a vehicle to facilitate learning outside of the traditional classroom setting. It is generally defined as the delivery of education or training through electronically mediated instruction, and other forms of learning, where there is a spatial separation between instructor and student. Distance learning programs at EGI meet the same quality standards as those of EGI classroom programs. 

All programs at Eliot Group Institute may be taken through distance learning with the exception of the four year certificate in psychoanalytic studies. Some aspects of this program may be attended through distance learning while other aspects of the program may require periods of in person attendance.  

Directed Reading Programs

The Directed Reading Programs are designed to offer students an opportunity to explore modern psycho-dynamic approaches to treatment through readings that address the theory and techniques of modern individual and group process. Students work with a faculty mentor either in person, or electronically and by telephone.  Students keep ongoing logs of reactions to the readings as well as discuss with their faculty mentor the application of concepts and techniques to their work with patients, students and clients.

Community Outreach Programs

Eliot Group Institute provides a wide variety of services to organizations, schools, businesses and the professional community. 

EGI offers trainings, workshops, clinical consultation, supervisions, didactic and experiential programs for community organizations, schools, hospitals and business in response to a wide variety of professional and systemic issues, such as the difficult employee, difficult students, professional burnout, substance abuse in the workplace, anger in adult care facilities, the acting out child, caring for the caregiver. 

For additional information on available services contact Eliot Group Institute.

Staff Development Programs

Each EGI staff development program is tailored in order to address the specific issues, concerns, training needs, and staff development goals of each agency.

On site as well as distance learning programs can be arranged.

For more information and to arrange for an appointment to discuss your agency's needs, contact EGI

Therapy Referral Service

Eliot Group Institute Referral Service offers assistance in locating psychodynamically trained, modern analytically oriented therapists across the country.

Services provided,
but not limited to:

• Individual Therapy                    
• Child and Family Therapy
• Couples Therapy                      
• Group Therapy 

Who Can Benefit from the Assistance of a Therapist? 
Any individual experiencing difficulties with:

• Self Esteem Issues  
• Middle and Later Life Concerns  
• Relationship Issues
• Anxiety
• Job or School Related Issues                   

• Depression 
• Parental Concerns  
• Impulsive Behaviors 
• Child and Adolescent Concerns      
• Addictions and Substance Abuse

How Can Therapy Help?

Therapy offers the opportunity to learn how to understand yourself and others, to identify issues and to find constructive ways to deal with situations that often seem beyond your personal control. 

How to Begin...

The first step is yours. To begin the process call Contact Dr. Ceppetelli at 802-356-3388 to discuss your individual needs with our experienced staff.